Leading forces

Campaign Management
Marketing departments carry out huge numbers of campaigns. Some of them with very direct and limited boundaries, others with a huge amount of effort. All the measures are, however, designed to increase the brand awareness and image of and/or communications with the customer.

In our experience, many of these campaigns take place in their own bubble without any sustainable follow-up. However, it is actually this information which could give Sales the first important data on future customers as early as the pre-sales phase. An exchange and an interpretation of the marketing results are thus effective and efficient under the aspect of an integral view of the market and the customer. The customer sees itself as communicating with your company, not with your departments. Sales should therefore also know, for example, whether and how often the customer had attended corporate events over the past few months, whether he had been the subject of a market research poll or what colleagues had contributed to the campaigns. You therefore learn more about your customers over the course of the customer relationship, than your customers know about their own companies. This allows you to act while all the competition can do is put the price below their offers.

Strategic Marketing
For us, the term Strategic Marketing always means the optimum use of resources to fully achieve a previously defined goal. The correct use of the ideal marketing mix requires an exact knowledge of the target group. The focus of this approach is therefore directed to the continuous collection of information on the customer and its networks.

A new awareness is also created by asking questions here. How do I attain the desired attention from the decision maker? When should I invite this customer's employees to a big event to communicate the technical background of this new product development? When can I subsequently have a one-to-one talk with their director to communicate the advantages of my product portfolio at an executive level? Which strategy should I pursue to contact the right person at a customer's directly long before a first contact with Sales takes place?