Actions speak louder than words

We do not only provide consultancy services, we also take care of the implementation from start to finish. We do the things that have to be done. We see ourselves as developers and doers in equal measure.

Our range of services is divided into different phases:

Phase 1
• Customer segmentation
• Sales strategy
• Process design
• Organizational changes

Phase 2
• Setting up the systems and campaigns
• Sales support in the "lab"
• Participation of operations staff
• Fine-tuning of processes and systems

Phase 3
Training sessions
• Training sales staff
• Establishing a new understanding of sales
• Coaching the sales staff in the sales process
• Fine-tuning of processes and systems
• Handover of the working sales support to the customer

Sales Office Lab
In line with our consultation philosophy, our work with you does not end with the preparation of concepts. A lot of the time we also accompany the implementation of our projects right down to the very last detail. We can support you in your market services to your target customers to verify our consultation concepts and to make any amendments to sales measures. For this purpose, we can offer you a sophisticated fully equipped call center lab with ten workstations at our Starnberg office where we can support your sales in the first few months, and prepare and train your office staff for their new tasks as required. Your employees will learn to understand and experience the new structures in a "live" situation. Tangible consultancy.

agentONE Software (customer management software)
To understand, analyze and evaluate networks requires a tool which allows us to collect and visualize this network information and to make it available as required to every employee.

As a rule, we use our in-house CRM software for this purpose, backed up by some details from our own developments when necessary. If you do not yet use any CRM software, we will be more than pleased to provide you with our agentONE software which was developed especially for market servicing. This software is used in sales offices, in call centers and also to support sales field workers.

Our software will provide you with a dynamic and flexible tool which you can use over the internet. It gives you direct access to all the information in your network in real time. AgentONE represents the ideal platform for the control of your employees and partner companies by means of central data access. With agentONE, we can offer you more than just sales and call-center software; agentONE is designed with a strict focus on interdisciplinary use for the information requirements of all corporate divisions: Inform, sell, monitor – anywhere, any time. A base module together with a number of individual components combined to produce a customer-focused solution for all requirements. The result can be seamlessly integrated into any existing technical infrastructure and can be adapted to any in-house workflow.

We have the solution.