Volume is only one aspect

Customer Management
At our firm, integral customer management starts even before the first contact with a new client. We collect as much information as possible on the target customer in our first research step, within the individual discussion meetings and over the whole project cycle. We use this information to develop and implement tailored sales and marketing measures which make an effective contribution to establishing a trusting, enduring and profitable customer relationship within the given budget.

Once the process has started, the client always remains on the "radar" of Sales. Every actual or potential client is provided with the services their budget allows in accordance with their actual or anticipated profitability within our integral customer management cycle.

Strategic Sales
Your strategic sales have two important, basic requirements. On the one hand, a strategy on how you want to attract your customers with your portfolio of products or services and, on the other hand, the security that your strategy is being implemented the way you want.

This may sound simple at first. It is not.

The right strategy requires a number of different solutions which will depend on the size, industry and portfolio of a company and will each be the right one for a specific client. We will help you identify the decisive parameters from an infinite variety of approaches and activities and then to combine them into an all-encompassing sales strategy.

The problem already starts with the two words "My customer". Who is your customer? The answer depends on who you talk to in your company. Sales departments are frequently organized according to different systems depending on the corporate division: by territory; by business area; by customer group (private, business); by sales figures (ABC customers); or by customer segments (wholesale, retail, regional, supraregional, planners, project developers, etc.).

An exact analysis will reveal that a number of the target customer companies are frequently represented in different segments and that your sales department communicates with all levels (board, departments, purchasing) of the customer's company. But who has said what when to whom? And how can you utilize the knowledge and network links you have gained for the right strategy? Profit from our experience from our large number of projects. We can accompany you on your journey through the networks of your customers.

Order Management
Let us assume: The potential customer has finally become a paying customer. You now have the opportunity to expand this relationship, to create a basis for trust and to learn a lot about the formal and informal networks of the customer.

New questions arise and the answers to them give you orientation. What happens in the customer relationship in day-to-day business? How is the customer's purchasing behavior developing, what is the customer's planning horizon? Which of the customer's employees is a good multiplier? All this information is important for the evaluation and expansion of a customer relationship, but frequently enough is also not accessible to sales in original form.

The sum of these different data and making them available to your sales staff is the competitive edge for your sales. We work with you to create the requirement for this added value at your company.