Our formula: More/Value

We use the whole spectrum of market services in our work as business consultants. The challenge we face and the task which is always an adventure for us is to take your formal and information corporate structures (organization, processes and IT), and your portfolio (goods and services) and harmonize them with the needs and requirements of your target customers and their own formal and informal networks.

What are formal and informal networks?

Formal networks in corporations are understood as the basic structures, i.e. the hierarchical organizational structures and their legal corporate structure, which can be found in your company and in the companies of your customers. Think of the differences e.g. between owner run SMBs, international conglomerates or global franchises.

Informal networks arise through the day-to-day work inside a company. Who is responsible? Who has the actual expertise to evaluate a situation? Who can be seen as the multiplier of an idea in the company? By answering questions of this type, we can help you discover the informal networks of your company and of your customers and to act with awareness within them.

Networks form the life systems which run through companies – also those of your customers. For you as a seller, it is important to be aware of the rules and habits of your target customers. In this connection, timing is of the utmost importance. Who should I contact and when? Who should I visit personally? Who should I invite to an event? What sort of event is the right one? How should I present my product? Which information is the most important at what time and toward which contact person? Who will the purchaser within a company ask to decide whether your products or services are suitable for his or her company? Who can decide how much your offer is worth?

The answers we will find with you are decisive for determining the right marketing, the right sales approach and the right portfolio for your products and/or services. As a consequence, these answers will also have an effect on your internal organization, your processes and the technology you use. In brief: Networks determine the way we live together, in our internal and external relationships.

We can also create more value in your company and thus add more value to your customers.